my attempt at my longest text ever

Here goes the first day of making my longest text ever. 10:14 PM. Friday, October 23, 2020. Over the process of making this text, there will be indicators that the day and time has changed (obviously because I can't do all of this in one day or night). Speaking of Day and Night, how about Kid Cudi? He collaborated with Eminem in July, and the song was decent. I don't know who Moon Man is, however. I have to assume that it's a character from his previous albums or something. I can't be bothered to do maximum research on a topic that I know absolutely nothing about, so I'm not going to strech this topic out for too long. Surprising that the first topic is immediately about music. Music may be a reoccurring topic in my attempt at my longest text ever. Hopefully during the process of this attempt I don't give up. Giving up is a terrible thing to do, considering that my first goal is Kenneth Iman's 21,425 character LTEs that took him from 2013-2015 to write. Once I pass that, WhileTrue is next with 61,736 characters. But, these goals are wayyyyyyy too far into the future for me to reach and pass them. The future is scary, but a good thing to look in to. The future will all inevitably come to an end, so do as much as you can in your life while you can. Let's change topics and talk about testing. Tests are so annoying and repetitive! Today, we had 3 tests consecutively in science, history, and math. Lucky for me I did well in all 3 of them, while some of my classmates made a 46 and 47 on their math test. To help clarify, it's 46 out of 100 and 47 out of 100, while I made somewhere by an 87 out of 100. I just checked and when I ended that last sentence, I wrote 1622 characters. Only 19,000 more characters to go! It's still the same day, if you're wondering. Just 13 minutes later. If I can recall correctly, I think I grabbed a mint in these 13 minutes I was writing this LTE. Or not. I'm not sure. My memory is usually hazy like this to the point where I can't remember if I did something or if I didn't. I remember when I was younger, I took 2 baths because after the first one I forogt whether I took my bath or not. 2142 characters. You know how I said music may be a reoccuring topic? Well, let's talk about music again. Personally, I don't like Drake. You may think I don't like Drake because he's big and popular and 6 feet tall and from a non-existant country called Canada, but no. I don't like Drake because singing about breakups and relationships and women for two-thirds of your album is too overdone. Maybe that's too much? Oh, and by the way, do you know Orlando Brown? The guy that tried to do something with Raven Symone from "That's So Raven?" Yea, that guy is crazy. I heard he bought drugs and did them. His net worth is apparenlty only $20,000. My mom and I were looking up people's networth and found possibly the funniest numbers I've ever seen. No, it's not 69 and 420. The rapper DMX (the guy that sang X Gon' Give It To Ya that also featured in that one Deadpool movie I don't remember) has a networth of -$10,000,000. You're reading it correctly: NEGATIVE 10 million dollars is his networth. Wanna know what's even funnier other than the fact that he is basically dirt poor? He has 15 children. Again, you're reading it correctly: FIFTEEN children. Fifteen. 3 times 5. 5 times 3. 7 plus 8. 30 divided by 2. Any math equation that can equal 15, it can be listed. Let's check up on that character count. 3451? I thought I typed a lot more than that! Oh well, when you type and type away, you don't type anything. Especially trying to come up with random topics to make an attempt of surpassing 21,425 characters. Here's a fun fact, the longest LTE from Hermnep is 230,634 characters long, and lasted 4 years. Looking at their LTE shows the first update on 8:42 PM sometime in 2004 and the last update from November 17, 2009. That's crazy! Their final update says that one of their friends is going to Air Force in that year's spring. Some questions for Tiff who wrote the November 2009 update: how's Josh? Are you keeping in touch with Josh? Is he still in the Air Force? Obviously you don't have to answer those, but curiosity takes over sometimes. Can you believe the final update for that 230,000 character LTE was almost 11 years ago? While we're on the topic of characters, let's get an update? 4347? Typing 21,000 characters and more is harder than I thought. One day I hope to be the first person to write an LTE that has over a million characters. I also hope to be other things that are so far into the future. I think I'm gonna stop here now. It's almost 11 PM central time, 10:57 PM to be exact. There will be a marker that shows when the day changes. Goodbye!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2020 9:44 AM

Hello again! I'm back with more random topics to discuss! To start off today, I woke up at 6:55 am. I have an alarm for that time each Saturday for some unknown reason but never decided to delete it or disable it. My dad's here at 9:45 am. We're going to Alabama today like we always do. I'll be back in a few hours! 9:52 am So we're not actually going to Alabama right now. Hopefully we should leave by 12 pm. Let's do our character check! 5197 at the end of the previous sentence. We're getting close to almost 29% of Kenneth Iman's LTE! I'm sitting down on a chair now with my laptop on my desk. Typing away at random text that consists of topics that are totally out of the blue. What topic should I talk about? Let's talk about music again to keep last night's statement about music being a reoccurring topic true. I can't think of any musical artists other than GTTCILY right now. Can we talk about how people like GTTCILY? take any random ordinary noise that you can find anywhere and turn it into a beat? Like, he turned a person ordering a Sprite at McDonald's into a beat. He turned someone eating chips into a beat. He made a beat representing a "15 year old producer from Atlanta." He made a 21st Century Humor type beat. How???? I tried making beats in Soundtrap (the worst beat make I have ever came across) and still can't make anything like GTTCILY. I even tried using a tutorial and a Gucci Kit with 808s in it!!! The only good thing that I've made out of that is an unfinished-and-never-will-be-finished meme fart type beat. It sounds like... well... a fart noise. Why am i talking about farts? This is dumb. Let's change the topic to instruments. What instrument do you play? I don't know because I'm asking you a quiestion that I will never hear you answer. Just to answer my own question: I play the cello. It's a really cool instrument but it's mainly used for background music. We're not actually playing that many classical pieces in my strings class so it's kinda weird that I play a classical instrument but plays more modern-ish pieces. I'm gonna stop working on this for right now. 9:25 PM I didn't update this thing all day. I'm just gonna put this here and leave it at that.